What lies beyond.

If you believe in capitalism - the world according to Keynes - you will believe that all debt is bad and that the less the chance of you being able and/or willing ever to pay it back (sustainability) the worse it is. Unsustainable debt is a cancer , not just to the body capitalist but to the lives of all borrowers, whether such be the State, the banks, businesses, or you and me as individuals.

When such a cancer reaches its critical mass capitalism is dying. There is no reversal and no cure known to man or to logic.

Critical mass was reached in 2008.

If Keynes was right, and I for one believe he most certainly was, our leaders have been leading us into financial perdition for some long time - and still are, for their only 'cure' for the over borrowing cancer appears to be 'borrow more' and when necessary print more money for governments, banks, businesses, you and me to borrow. Sounds ridiculous? It is.

Fortunately, although capitalism is doomed, we are not. We just have to figure out what comes next, and don't mention that other moribund system called communism. Some social re-engineering is needed. Read Going with Gabriel ISBN 978-0-9555193-1-4. Think of something.

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