Market days no more

No more markets for me! I have to confess that most of my personal workstyle / lifestyle decisions have been made on the spur of the moment - although often after long periods of discussion / debate / argument with self and she! This was no different.

After 7 years of selling my pastels and verse in the form of greetings cards, prints, calendars etc, the Tuesday before last I left Poolewe Hall vowing 'this is it - no more.' I had not had a bad day takings wise. I've had better and I've had worse. But I realised that I was not getting anything except money (and of course 'good companionship') from these Tuesday jaunts. Money is never enough. Time for pastures new. Time to lend more a of a hand to De, whose B&B business has been thriving - and satisfying - way beyond anything we had expected when she began it a year since

Many years ago I walked out on a 'point of priciple or several' from a very senior management job.  My problem was my boss - the marketing director. I had the big mortgage, hungry family, angry wife. My managing director called me back and, having established that my mind was made up, left me with a comment so resented  that I remember it to this day. 'Bryan', he said, 'Sometimes it takes more courage, faced with adversity or sheer restlessness, to stay and fight on than to run off into the unknown. But I'm afraid you will always choose the latter.'  So true, I will now admit.

At any rate I wrote this poem for all my fellow stallholders at Poolewe market and an advert is to appear on Friday in our local newspaper. "Rumours of my early retirement have been greatly axaggerated" it says. Future? Exciting. Watch these spaces ....

On A Poolewe Tuesday

Tuesday again! Is it raining
or is Loch Ewe a mirror, shining bright;
a quillion sparks sent back towards the sun
whilst folk from far and wide
crowd Poolewe village hall
to look and buy and sit and chat
before this lochside day is done?

Tuesday again! the stalls laid neatly out
and those with crafts and cakes and things to sell
all ready for the coming fray;
yes, Angie’s team will soon
be waiting for incomers’ eyes to light
upon their careful wares
On this, the Poolewe Market day.

And Seth the tortoise,
safe inside his home
is happy not to roam
no matter all the Tuesday noise.

Bryan Islip
(with thanks to all
our Poolewe Market friends)

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