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When I open a newspaper - on-line of otherwise - I glance at the front page headline then turn to sport. But I confess to spending most of my reading time on 'Business'. Well, we do live in a material world whether we know it or not or or like it or not. Madonna was quite right.

Actually this business reading is not a good thing. It invariably angers me, and anger is counter-productive. Why? Because I believe we are - all of us, rich and poor alike - being led by the nose into perdition for reasons of short term material gain by those we have appointed as our financial guardians. An article - very well written by 'expert' Heather Stewart in today's Guardian - followed the usual 'this economics setback is only a blip in our upwards good fortune. Six weeks more of it then up up and away once more.' 

Sorry, but all such, including my own below, are about as much use as anybody forecasting the 8-2 result at Old Trafford yesterday (nobody did). Nevertheless I commented ....

Dear Heather Stewart

Even now you insist on predicating your 'expert' view on the unequivocal mantra 'GROWTH IS GOOD'. Well I don't blame you. 'Everyone says so', so why should you think differently.

But thinking differently really doesn't hurt at all. Start with this as an unarguable dose of physical reality: unchecked growth is not good, it is an unnatural cancer that is steadily eating out the guts of humanity. I'm talking growth in GDP, in availability of that thing we call money and the consequent habit of lending and borrowing and - most of all - humanity (ourselves). i.e our numbers and our seven billion individual demands and expectations.

If I am right, the only way to deal with this cancer is not to feed it, help it to grow, but to deplete it until it is no more. Recession is the good word I'm looking for. Yes it will hurt but at least we will survive the coming Armageddon. 'Money now' is not life, Heather Stewart. Not even the good life.

Yesterday I was asked, If you think this (current system) isn't working, what alternatives are you suggesting? I answered that I had no idea, I'm not anybody's homespun prophet. But on reflection, that isn't quite true. Read Going with Gabriel, especially the latter half.

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