Another word for cancer

Growth is just another word for cancer, folks.

Growth in debt, growth in GDP, growth in income/wealth (fair or unfair): most cancerous of all, the twin growths of humankind (populations) and of human expectation (greed). Just like a cancer, in order to be to be 'cured', if indeed it is curable, recent levels of growth must be reversed and must attain a sustainable level. Hard? Cruel? Tough? Painful? YES.

Just learn to live through the pain by doing something useful with your life - and that doesn't include selling the results of other people's work and it surely does not include playing games with other folks' money.

The only thing that counts, after all, is the way you live and the sense of wellbeing garnered from the way you live it - and the possibility - or otherwise - of this planet to support you and all others. Not too many others.

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