Your novel - a thing of worth and beauty?

When you write a novel - two novels and an anthology of short fiction in my case - unless you can find a way to achieve the necessary high grade publicity and consequent book sales it's like watching the slow death of a healthy, beloved child. That's a harsh analogy but it isn't too far off, for the writing of a novel has to be the main focus of your existence throughout the twelve or so months it takes you to deliver it, and it is the cause of so much agonising and suffering along the way but is such a great joy when first it appears in its finished form.

After this novel is born you will always say to yourself: 'this child (of my imagination) is to me a thing of worth and of beauty but is it really that - and is that what others would really think if only they could get to know about it and to read it?'

I sell copies of my books in local markets, so can get a good bit of reader to author feedback but I always have to wonder whether the nice things being said would be the things that reader would say to any friend or chance acquaintance. Of great reassurance then, when the other day a reader who I have never met and with no need to comment good or bad sent me the following e-mail ....

I am just dropping you a short note to tell you that I have finished both of your novels. And what an unexpected pleasure! I am an avid reader of most of the renowned thriller/drama authors and I have to say that your books are right up there with them. 'More Deaths Than One' is a truly great adventure story. A bit of Boy's Own, Ripping Yarns and James Bond (with a dash of Lawrence of Arabia!) all rolled into one! 'Going with Gabe' (I prefer Gabriel!) is an altogether different story with serious undertones and an 'Animal Farm' type theme which I found totally engrossing. Definitely food for thought. I finished it at 2am this morning! Knowing the amount of work and research that you have obviously dedicated to these wonderful books, I thought that you may appreciate my feedback.
Steven Leach
Managing Director
 Ocean Bridge
IRM Consultants Ltd
Hollinwood Business Centre, Albert Street, Oldham, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Thank you Steven Leach. I shall continue to take up my pen and now with greater resolve ...

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