What is a novel

I was told that my www.bryanislipauthor.com web-site could do with a little refreshment in order to prevent all those crawling Google-bots becoming bored with me. Write a new intro, advised my inestimable web-master, Jackie West of Achnasheen.

So I pondered the question, what is a novel, and why ....

A novel is a bridge fashioned from that wondrous thing we call imagination; that is, the imaginations  of the writer and of the reader. When such a bridge is sufficiently well constructed it allows us to cross together from the land we call reality into worlds strange and compelling, worlds in which we can inhabit in safety the minds of those who live there. And for a while such a world is no less real than the one we temporarily have left behind. The writer and the reader can live in that place and together experience a chain of events for so long as fingers continue to turn the pages of the novel. And when it is time for us to re-cross the bridge, go back to our so-called reality, the places we have visited and those people we have known and the events we have experienced will stay with u and, somehow, the writer and the reader will feel better for having spent time together on the far side of such a wondrous bridge.
That's my take on it, anyway.

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