Vive le difference

The other day I showed my original (25 years old) painting of The Salmon Beach alongside a painting of the same subject just completed. Which, I wondered on this blog, is  best? One respondent was kind enough to point out, correctly, that the question should have been which is 'the better' (not 'the best') but all were unequivocably in favour of the old one, their stated reasons being many and varied. I've been puzzling myself over this. In theory opinions should have been roughly equal - but if anything biased towards the new picture on the grounds that practice makes more perfect. Anyway the upshot is that I have decided to go back to the easel with the new Salmon Beach picture. I plan to inject some of the received wisdom and some new thoughts of my own and the results should be here on line in the next week or two. We shall see ...

Meantime I've finished another new painting commission and the results have gone off to my client. I won't be going into the background rationale as it is a matter private to the commissioner. Suffice to say that my original 'Seabank - Midsummer Midnight' had been seen and admired and that a new version of the same cottage was requested.

After much walking in all weathers and stages of the tide around the cottage and the shores of Loch Ewe this (below) is the outcome ... I have included my original 'Seabank' (the one that's above the other) to show how very different in 'feel' can be an artist's take on the same thing.

I will not be asking which one is the better!!

Claude Monet painted the same haystack more than a dozen times. Ditto that cathedral. Ditto his watergarden. As for Vincent and his lovely sunflowers ....

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