Twelve Faces from Space

You know how you can sometimes go to sleep at night with a difficult question in the forefront of your mind then wake up in the morning, mysteriously provided with a ready made answer?

Last night I was lying in bed thinking about my 'short stories of the month'. What happens when December 1 2011 has been and gone? (In case you don't know about it, on the first day of each month this year I've been offering my brand new story - around a fifteen minute read - free of charge to subscribers through my web-site .)

Although the main point is simply to have folk read the fiction I have personally enjoyed creating, I am hoping that readers of the stories will like them to the extent that they will consider buying my novels or the collection of my short fiction called Twenty Bites. Writing worth reading needs to be read!

As well as publishing the stories of the month on-line I also, as an experiment, have been providing our friends Adrian and Katie Hollister with the stories as paper booklets each month. I have been receiving feedback indicating that these offerings in Adrian and Katie's Mellon Charles Amora Cafe (AKA The Perfume and Image Studios) are being read, and appreciated, by visitors at table. I've also given some copies to The Old Inn at Gairloch for their room guests but haven't as yet been given any feedback from there.

Waking up this morning I thought, why not create black and white portraits of each of my lead characters, put these on the front covers of the booklets and publish the twelve stories of 2011 as a boxed set? 'Faces from (cyber) Space'. Secondly, would other similar venues, not necessarily confined to Wester-Ross, buy the booklets if the cost / selling price ration could be viable? Are the stories good enough, compelling enough, sufficiently well put together? Many tell me it's yes to all these.

Hmmm .......

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