Reality versus 'Decency'

I've just finished a short story that I intended to be my September story of the month. It is certainly amongst  the most powerful of my works, concerning as it does the last day on earth of a prostitute; of a 39 years old woman I should say.

However I've been advised by a couple of people who know about writing and who care about mine not to publish this tale on-line. I've taken their advice and, instead, have entered it into one of the most important of short fiction competitions. I'll post here in October with the result, whether favourable, unfavourable or - as is most likely - unknown having sunk without trace.

But where is the line that one must not cross when it comes to works of imaginative art, whether in words or line or indeed music? We have all read of this week's death of Lucien Freud, 'the most important (ex) living artist on earth' quote / unquote. His painting entitled, 'Welfare Worker Sleeping' is at the same time very ugly and very beautiful. The lady concerned is extremely fat and totally unclothed but somehow this picture cannot help but produce real, sympathetic emotion. Not just for her but for her clients. And it makes for real understanding in the eyes and the mind of the viewer, for you are looking at her through the mind not just of Freud but of the lady herself. There is a desperation here, and so much of life is indeed desperate.

How much more worthwhile is this than the anodyne me-too images and (quote) graphic abstractions (unquote) of the thousands of eager young things spewed out from the art colleges desperately eager to impress but knowing far, far too little of the stuff of life to do so. They should go out and tackle life - and I do mean live - for thirty more years before they have the understanding with which to clothe their skills in order successfully to address their fellow Man, I think.

Anyway I must get on. My August story of the month is primed and ready to cyber-fly forth and September's needs to be written. I'm thinking about a man and a bank robbery ...

p.s. If it should mean anything, Freud's Welfare lady sold a few years back for $12.5 millions.

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