For Big Brother do not read News Of The World

I have no idea why we are always so shocked by the low end extremes, the depravity, of our fellow humans' behaviour. Lord knows we have seen quite enough of wars, pestilence, plague, genocide and bloody awful bad manners. By now we all ought to be inured to it thanks to the efforts of our so-called FREE PRESS.

There is a story well known (if unpublished) in Northern Ireland about a leading journalist at the height of the troubles. It seems that this gentleman, always the worse for drink, incarcerated himself on the top floor of a well-barricaded hotel in Belfast from where he sent his headlines across the world. All hearsay reporting of course, except the photo sequences. One of these showed a rioting crowd rushing the camera position, ostensibly as a prelude to a sectarian killing. Actually the guy with the camera had been stationed outside a football ground as the match finished. He caught the home team fans celebrating their victory. Well done!

How much is the news actually made or at least heavily influenced by a media so good at the surrepticious pouring of petrol on to small fires in order to make a big conflagrations? That's one question and this is the other; why do we need to know? Does my life or your life or anyone's life benefit from knowing exactly how the latest sex crime took place? I think not. And what, really, is the point of 'news' that is of no direct concern to us and that we can do nothing about anyway? Sure I feel bad about mass starvation in the horn of Africa but I cannot stop the promiscuous over-breeding that leads to those situations. I cannot force the rains to come.

I grew up in times of war when all news was heavily censored. Nobody had a problem with that but when the war was over censorship became a dirty word. The News Of The World, known colloquially as The Screws Of The World has now become so far outside the bounds of decency as to prey on the deaths of little children in order to make another few bucks. Mr bloody Murdoch and your nasty cohorts, your behaviour is intolerable, truly execrable. You should at least be censored constantly but preferably jailed for a very long time. Your money-grab tactics, your encouragement of sick voyeurism and the human suffering you continue to cause deserves no less.

Preferably, your so-called 'newspaper' should be closed for all time. But how can any of that happen when by some accounts you have our police, our Law and our prime minister so comfortably (comfortingly) in your pocket?

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