Different strokes...

Some may remember my post descibing how a distant commission resulted in this pastel painting, title: 'Seabank Cottage - Midsummer Midnight.
Much to my surprise a (distant?) relative of this lady telephoned with a further commission. She wanted Seabank Cottage for her husband, she said. I said certainly I would send her a print of Seabank Cottage but she said, no, I want him to have an original. I had to explain that I don't do copies even of my own work, but I would be happy to create an different picture featuring the same subject, if that would suit? Yes, that would suit.

After much circumnavigation of said Seabank Cottage at various stages of the tide and in different weather conditions this is what I came up with ....

I reckon I know this little house and its history nearly as well as its (absentee) owners - although I've never set foot in the place!

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