Water water everywhere

I've read that the next global war will be over not land, not oil or gold or other minerals but over good old H2O. Water is life and apparently there's not going to be enough of it in its human drinkable form to go around the world's fast-burgeoning human populations, and the animals and plants on which we all feed.

Here in the western Highlands of Scotland, for twenty four days, at some time or throughout, it has rained and rained and rained, the wet stuff always being driven slant-wise before high winds. Every river, burn (stream), loch and locan is full to overflowing. All the sea-facing downstairs window frames on our lovely old Kirkill House have finally given up, allowing a steady drip drip drip into the makeshift receptacles Dee has emplaced for the purpose.I'm closely watching (sea) Loch Ewe for any sign of a huge wooden boat filled with animals ... and a very old white bearded gentleman ...

And still, as Bob Dylan wrote and the Met Office forecasts, 'There's a cold rain a-coming'.

Water, anyone? Going cheap.

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