New for old

This pastel painting was the first I executed in Wester-Ross. More than 20 years ago in fact, whilst up here on holiday. As I remember it we had been sitting on the dunes eating our sandwiches, scimitar shaped Red Point beach curving out before us, deserted but for us, an afternoon sun making a shining pathway over sea and wet sand and some ominous clouds building up over Skye. As I began the initial sketch we were attacked by whole air forces of almost invisible midges so had to pack up in a hurry to stay ahead of rain and pain.
Many's the time, since then, that we have walked the clifftop to this beach with our dogs. We never find it less than inspiring whatever the weather. The picture has stayed on our living room wall, wherever we have lived. Not for sale. However one of my good collectors saw it and wanted to buy, so I've just finished painting a new version of the same subject...
This one is without the net drying poles (I became tired of explaining them and they did nothing for the original composition.) Also I have brightened up the day and added the row of anchors that really are there, if only just out of sight around the dunes in real life..

Which is best? That's in the eye of the beholder.

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