Works of Creation

Every other artist begins with a blank canvas, a piece of paper… the photographer begins with the finished product.
— Edward Steichen

The above  was sent by my friend Adrian Hollister, owner with Katie of the nearby Perfume Studio / Photo studio.
I responded...

Adrian, yes! I just thought of another one - true or not: 'The photographer works more closely to the mind of God
The artist to the mind of Man.'
He responded
I guess without any religious connotations, what the good photographer is doing is trying to bridge that divide - communicating the beauty of creation/God/evolution (however one sees it) in a way that Man can better appreciate it.
 I responded
Yes, 'religion' as such wasn't in my thoughts whereas 'The Creation' certainly was.
Take a landscape view - any landscape view; I reckon the photographer is trying to replicate not just what may be seen through the best of lenses and computer representation but also by the 'feelings' evoked, in the mind of Man, by that place in those conditions of time, season, weather etc. With similar equipment some will do it far, far better than others in the same way that, given a Maclaren formula one car, Mister Hamilton will go round the track considerably more quickly than, say, me! (And me more quickly than most, perhaps!)
On the other hand the artist with paints or pastels etc, will be attempting his own act of creation - and hardly ever getting even to base one unless he/she is that one in a million 'Hamilton of the easel'. A Monet or a Turner for instance. Most so-called artworks including my own definitely are bullshit failures as 'acts of creation' in a way that a photograph, however snapshot, never is; simply because it shows an aspect of The Actual Creation to those who may not have seen it for themselves.
Having said all that, the works of competent artists with cameras and competent artists with easels can occupy folks' living room wallspace to equal decorative effect. 
That's my view anyway.
What's yours?

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