In the beginning was the Word

My good friend the writer Michelle Frost keeps her ear very close to the ground (or rather, cyber space) and has often recommended something new to me. This time it is the embrionic web-site and that was yesterday. Today I am a proud contributor to an e-magazine that I believe is going to break new ground in the fields of creative arts. Try it. See what you think. 

This discovery reminded me of a little verse - part of my lengthy poem about one William Shakespeare - that I reproduce on the reverse side of all my Pictures and Poems bookmarks ...

The book lies open in my hand
and as when something flashed
brightly in a muddy field
and you stooped to pick it up
and you were looking
into the bright sun-colours
of a diamond,
it opened the door, switched on the lights
and there for me that wondrous treasury
to brighten all my days,
to hold an explanation for my nights:
and thus in the beginning
and the ending
are the words.

The last lines are with reference to the Holy Bible, John 1:1 'In the beginning was the Word, And the Word was with God, And the Word was God.' Although not overtly 'religious' I am quite sure that all great writing in this language of ours began with the King James Bible and its underlying Hebrew text. Quite apart from its content this book actually reads like the sound of music and that, for me, is why writing that aspires to be more than mere reportage must at least attempt a beautiful musicality. In its ultimate form an assemby of words is called poetry, and poetry without musicality is nothing.

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