Hard guys on two wheels

We thought long and hard before deciding last year to open our home, Kirkhill House, to total B&B strangers. But one thing we had not reckoned with was the pleasure to be derived simply from talking with folk from far and wide. In all honesty we have had nobody here who we might have wished had gone someplace else! And that goes a long way towards making up for a lot of hard work.

We find the cyclists particularly interesting. To a man and woman they are hard-sinewed, fat-free individuals - as they need to be to tackle roads in Wester-Ross that are seldom if ever less than steep up or down, and in weather that is not always conducive to admiration of the passing scenery. The three guys alighting here last evening had actually cycled eighty odd miles of this - including an ascent of the famed Belach na Ba (the pass of the cattle in English) which is Great Britain's highest, and surely one of its steepest roadways. For once the word awesome does apply and in spades.

Even more impressive were the young couple from Lucerne. I asked them the ritual question as to where had they come from expecting to hear they'd flown themselves and bikes into Inverness. But they revealed in the most matter of fact (i.e. Swiss) way that they had 'come over the mountains' (Alps, that is!) and cycled up Europe to Calais before ferrying across to Dover and arriving here via Cornwall and John o' Groats. These two arrived in torrential wind and rain and departed the next day with a smile after a hearty breakfast in ditto!

Perhaps my theory that our species is on a downwards spiral is wrong, after all!

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