Walking, work and warfare

I do hope we are not using up all our summer in this last week of April and (forecast) the first week of May. It has been simply wonderful here, and much appreciated by our full house of B&B guests.

One man, a well known artist, arrived Thursday, on Friday took to the hills with substantial back pack and is expected back later today or tomorrow. He left us with detailed instructions on what to do should he fail to turn up by Sunday evening!

Another couple spent ten hours yesterday climbing the mighty, rugged An Teallach. Puts our little daily walks to shame, but then again we do have forty years seniority over them! To give you an idea of it, this pastel is called The Ruin by An Teallach ...
I asked all around the area, including the museums at Gairloch and Ullapool, as to the history of the ruined building in my painting. Nobody could tell me who or when or why someone had built a solitary two story house in a place known in Gaelic as 'The Fain' (means 'barren place'). County records indicate it was a ruin as far back as 1860.

No doubt the residents would have survived quite nicely on their black cattle, the local herbage and fish from the little river running by their door. The ladies would have looked after such essentials whilst the warrior men concentrated on the making and maintenance of weaponry and aggressive clan raids and defence against ditto. Somewhere up here would have been a carefully hidden still for the distilling of the water of life, uistha beatha.Whisky to most folk. It wouldn't all have been work and warfare and they must have been doing something right, for these Highland clansmen were as a matter of historical fact big and strong and extremely fierce. In fact, not content with local squabbles, they served for centuries with great if mercenary distinction in half the armies of Europe.

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