Ups and Downs

Well my novel didn't make it to Amazon's Breakthrough Novel competition final. Still, to get into the last 250 out of the 5000 entries says something for More Deaths Than One. And I tell myself that a competition of this kind is not like an examination, where you either pass or fail according to the correctness or otherwise of your answers. It's all in the mind of one or two individual readers, who may or may not like the subject or the characters or ... etcetera, etcetera (or the idea of a septagenarian writer living in a remote place for that matter!). I cannot claim no problem or no disappointment but one thing about reaching my advanced years and with mind intact is that I learned long, long ago how to survive setbacks. And to learn from them.

By co-incidence I also found out yesterday that The Ullapool News published my complete March 1st short story of the month, 'There Was A Soldier' in last Friday's edition. Very pleased with that. Must write to thanks them.

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