Links present and past

If there's anyone out there with a good website looking to exchange links (thereby increasing the chances of Mr Google finding us) have a look at and let me know.

Meantime my 1st of May short story, courtesy of Ms Jackie West is kicking the hell out of the starting stalls and rarin' to go. It's called simply 'Thirteen' and that's all you're getting 'til 10.00 on Sunday May 1st - should you already be a subscriber that is! If you haven't yet signed up please note that it costs you nothing and if you go to you'll receive the April story right now and Thirteen on Sunday and so on, first of each month for the rest of this year.

Hope you're having the best of Springs and don't get too, too cross eyed tomorrow. By the way, the bulk of Westminster Abbey was built whilst my ancestor John Islip was Abbot and under his supervision in the 15th century. There, I bet Princes W and H and our future Queen didn't know that! Although they might know of The Islip Chapel therein.

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