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I'm now producing all (four so far) of my short stories of the month in free of charge booklet form, initially for The Old Inn at Gairloch, where one of the stories is in each room, and also now for The Perfume Stidio / Amora Cafe, where the booklets are paired up on each table. Whilst one partner is browsing the rather wonderful Perfume Studioshop or the unique Image Studio (brilliant for all with an interest in landscape or photography) the other is welcome to spend ten minutes with a coffee and a cake, lost in a world of my fiction.

The image here is the booklet's trademark I took it from my pen and ink drawing c 1970 and depicts my daughter Kairen Jane, now Dr Kairen Cullen, as a teenager. The composition, I seem to recall, was heavily influenced by one of Picasso's blue period paintings. 'Why a young girl reading, when many of your stories are distinctly 'adult'? I've been asked. Well, simply because I like this 'absorbed reader' image and because I'm a great believer in self selection at any age. Young or old, you will select your interests all by yourself, or should. Much as we all, right or wrong would like to, we cannot shield the young, at least not effectively, especially in these times of our gloriously unrestricted world wide web. As a matter of fact I won Abingdon School's Essay prize at about Kairen's then age. The prize took the form of Edgar Allan Poe's 'Tales of Mystery and Imagination'. If anything should have 'disturbed' a young boy it should have been this, but I was simply fascinated, transfixed by the power of Poe's stories and by the power of his writing. Still am, these sixty years later.

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