April 1 - a crowded day.

It's now five thirty p.m. and outside there's a gale of wind and rain. It has been building up all day long and now the loch is three parts grey and one part white and the trees in our garden are tossing their heads, bent low, distorted through window panes running with rivulets of water.

Quite a wild day in other ways as well. Last evening two pairs of folk from Israel turned up looking for accomodation. They wanted a deal but Dee politely told them 'no deal, but welcome at the correct prices.' So they went off presumably to find a better bargain but were soon back and we got on famously thereafter. In fact they bought one of my large prints and were exeedingly complimentary about theiir stay. As soon as they had driven off up the rain-swept road two of our friends from 'down south' arrived. They used to live here but decided Wester-Ross was not really for them, so it was good to compare notes.

Earlier this morning I had occasion to visit the doctor about a persistent lesion of one kind or another on the thumb of my right hand. He number the offended digit before incising away a small section for biopsy analysis. Ouch! Bowen's disease, he thinks it is. I asked if this was a rarity (I've never heard of it) and if so would we be making the pages of The Lancet? No to both questions. We shall see... I told the doctor that as my life consists largely of painting with pastels and pounding away on the keys of my computer, losing the use of a thumb would be pretty devastating. He laughed. That's good.

Today being the first of April my short story 'Smile Samantha Smile' is broadcast to subscribers. You might think it appropriate for April Fools Day. Have a fifteen minute free read via www.bryanislipauthor.com should you not already be a subscriber.

I can see a seagull pipping and slip-sliding across the winds. How supremely well he or she uses the force of nature. One minute up high the next skimming the waves. This is the pure face of joy. For him or her there is nothing in this world he or she cannot face down.

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