Wars and talk of wars

This is the preamble to my short story of the month for March 1st, (yesterday) ...

There’s a lot more come back from Afghanistan crippled than in coffins to be driven slowly down Wootton Bassett’s High Street. But how do you get back a life when your body now in ruins has been your temple? Ex-sergeant Macrae wants to do it by himself, for himself. For him no tears, no regrets, no recriminations.  

To judge by the initial reactions of those who have already read it, There Was A Soldier will touch many hearts and many a nerve. This story is not a paen of praise or a strong dose of hero worship for the men who go under our arms to Afghanistan or any other foreign field, and neither is it a condemnation thereof. So what is it? I don't know. Read it and tell me. 

All a writer can do is hold up a mirror. The higher the quality of that mirror the better (clearer) those who choose to look into it can see and understand the truth if that is what they want to do.


Wars and talk of wars. Mr David Cameron seems to be keen on getting in on the act. Does our otherwise sensible Old Etonian really think Libya is a good place for him to make his mark on the pages of history? Someone should give him a rifle and a six month tour of 'duty' in Kandahar and an instruction to keep his mouth shut. He and his legion of civil service and military advisers have no more idea of what is in the hearts and the minds and the intentions of Algerians than his predecessor's entourage had, viz a vis Iraq, etc.  

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