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If perchance you've been wondering where I've got to, don't! This time of the year is always a big build up of all those pre-season tasks that have been piling up in the 'won't take long' file. Starting in on them invariably does take long. But the fact is that I really like writing up this diary of mine and, even though it returns not one penny piece, I do try to prioritise it. My long ago school report too often said, 'Bryan must try harder', and I will. Promise.

Current activities include a new pastel painting - the Blackwater river at Little Garve. This is a real Highland torrent rushing whitely through its split stone, densely wooded gorge. About half done.

On the writing front my short story of the month for April goes out in a few days time. It's called Smile Samantha Smile and that's all I'll say about it in advance. I am producing (that is, printing on real paper) all these 2000 word stories in the form of A5 booklets. I have encountered a lot of interest in this from hotels and the more upmarket cafes. Right now I do not charge for them because they are intended as (a possibly unique) direct marketing tool for my books. We shall see.

Next week sees our first craft market of the year at Poolewe Hall. Be good to see our trade friends again after a long winter hibernation. Most of our products are ready but not so the 2012 calendar, which this year will be special - dare I say quite unique.

And then of course there's Dee's B&B. She already has a number of bookings and is putting the finishing touches to her rooms, offerings etc. It is a lot of hard work for the lady but we really look forward to meeting guests repeat and first time - and of course the income is most welcome as well!

See you soon


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