Samantha Somers is a nicely proportioned, fortyish TV weather lady. She is much loved by her audience, (especially the male contingent) and not least because she often tries to alleviate the bad weather news with the odd joke. However she has a problem  ... of course she does, all my viewpoint short story characters start off with a problem. What they then try to do about it is the story.  

Smile Samatha Smile is the title of my April 1st 'short story of the month. I hope it might make you smile, too. Interested? See and click on the short story of the month. You'll receive Smile Samatha Smile and a brand new ten minute read on the first day of every month for the rest of 2011.

Meantime, the visitor season here is off to a good start. I've just installed a rather splendid 'storyboard' in the Mellon Charles Image Studio (allied to The Perfume Studio, previous owners George and Liz having sold out to Adrian and Katie Hollister). This board tells the story of how my landscape pastels emerge and are reformed into cards, prints etc. But the Image Studio overall is a brilliant concept aimed at those with a camera and the eye for photography. Most of the visitors up here, I would imagine. I've not seen anything like it and we wich Adrian and Katoe all success.

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