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Since publishing Twenty Bites people often ask me which is my own favourite short story? Tricky question, a bit like being asked which is your favourite child (assuming you own to having more than one). Some stories are home to my favourite characters, some to favourite settings, some to favourite literary qualities and some to favourite actual story lines.But if I had to pick one story to be incised (though of necessity in exeedingly small letters) on my gravestone that story would probably be the final one in Twenty Bites, 'Speaking of Champions'.

However there is now a new contender. The little fella to which I have just given birth, the story that will flash through cyber space on 1st of March to all short story of the month 'free subscribers' comes very close, and not just because it's my latest. I would dearly like to jump the gun with this one, release it here. But of course cannot / will not - except to put a label on it so you'll know it, if you are a 'free subscriber', when it hits your screen on the appointed day. It is entitled 'There Was A Soldier'. And if you're not yet subscribing just go to and click there - top right hand - to become one. Costs you nothing and for me the more the merrier. You'll get the February story, A Life With Dogs and then on March the first There was A Soldier and then a new one as yet unborn on the first day of each month this year.

I'll on reflection tell you one more thing; the soldier in There Was A Soldier is a Queen's Own Highlander, in fact the section known pre the recent amalgamation and for centuries as 'The Seaforths'. How far does coincidence extend and when does coincidence turn into something verging on the mystical? Yesterday I was invited, quite out of the blue, to read from my works on 5th March, World Book Day - at Ullapool's famous Seaforth Hotel!

See you there?

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  1. Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful, memorable Book Day. :-)


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