This is my latest pastel, finished yesterday, size c 44 x 33 cm. For sale at £400 unframed but signed, sealed and delivered (UK)


Mighty sandstone mountains rest upon
an even older bed of Llewissian Gneiss*,
to sleep the sleep of ages past and fall,
all steeply down to those who live here,
as proudly independent as their hill,
sharing their lives, keeping themselves,
in houses ranged along the waters’ edge:
like some white pearly choker strung
around the seaweed bouldery neck
of wild and beautiful Loch Torridon

You can stand here by salt waters
of a sea that's never still, look up, and
feel the grind of Earth's tectonic plates,
know slow or fast means nothing but to us,
and know, finally, where are we
within all things.

Bryan Islip
February 2011

*Llewissian Gneiss is one of the oldest rocks in Europe, Reckoned to be three thousand million years old - or thereabouts!

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