Driving home to Aultbea on Sunday afternoon after a very pleasant interlude with friends we had reached the uphill twists this side of Inverewe when Dee said 'Look - a pairof eagles!' I stopped the car and sure enough there they were, unmistakable. Golden eagles in full courtship flight, wheeling and diving and climbing over a nearby hilltop. I believe eagles mate for life so I imagine these two were re-making acquaintance after their joint family raising of last summer and ahead of the same again. Yes, winter still is here but spring cannot be all that far away.

And that wasn't all. Less than a kilometer further on, from over the rise on our left came a mighty white tailed sea eagle. Yes we could tell it truly was that feathered majesty, not just because of its size, not just because of its ultra slow wing beat and its small head and tail in relation to its giant wings, not just because we've seen them a few times before, but because it even had a white tail!

When our son and his family visited us a few years back they told us of how one of these great birds had flown so low over their moving car that it's shape virtually filled their windscreen. If you're reading this, Stu and Lorraine, our sighting on Sunday was in that very same place. True!

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