A Comedy For April First

More than one reader has told me that my short stories of the month (January's One Cold, Cold Day and February's A Life With Dogs) have brought them to tears; could I please write a lighter one, even a funny story? For them the good news is that I'm writing a story that might just make them laugh out loud but the bad news is that my March story is already completed and will probably effect them like the first two, only more so.

I do find it much easier to dream up a story full of pathos and with strong characters often in big trouble rather than one of the opposite. I've no idea why because I have no problem writing humorous dialogue but it always seems to suit the stage rather than the page, and I haven't (yet) written any proper stage play or film script.(I'd like to have a shot at one before I go gently, hopefully laughing, into that good night.)

So, I've been much preoccupied with answering the question; 'What kind of a situation makes folks laugh?' I know what makes me laugh all right: books like Mash and Catch 22, TV like Dad's Army and Extras, films like Airplane and Some Like It Hot. What is the common denominator, if there is one? People being ridiculous of course; accident prone people. Banana skin folk but no-one getting hurt. So the April story is about an accident prone person approaching a banana skin on the pavement - well, figuratively! Just right for April Fools day.

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