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Today I finished two things on which I've been working these three weeks past. Great satisfaction in the finishing but I don't know about how they'll seem in a day or two. Looking back at something you have created invariably produces thoughts of something or things you could have done differently, perhaps better.

Anyway for better or worse there's my commissioned pastel painting that I will call 'Midsummer Midnight - Seabank'. My client commissioned it for her 92 years old mother. The background story is fascinating. The lady's mother was brought up over on Isle Ewe but crossed to the mainland at nearby Bualnaluib, in fact into the waterside cottage named 'Seabank'. You'll understand why Seabank when you see the picture, which I won't post on here until the owner has received and approved the original in a couple of weeks time. Anyway this mother met with and married a soldier who was based here during world war two, and they soon moved to the Home Counties, which is where my client was born. As a child my client recalls her occasional holidays up here in Seabank. She remembers lying in bed listening to the burn (stream) tumbling down into the sea and the sounds of the sea itself that virtually lapped the crofthouse's doorstep.

I was given a free hand with regard to season, weather, time of day etc. I chose to try something I've never tried before. A midsummer midnight up here is alomost as light as mid-day, but the quality of that light is somehow different. Like an underexposed photograph only with the whites and the sunset colours bright as bright. Enough to say that right now I'm pleased by the results.

The second thing I finished today is a short story. It's called 'There Was A Soldier' and  if you want to read it you'll need to await the first day of a future month - maybe March or maybe later on this year - and subscribe (horrible word, 'subscribe' for something as free as the wind down the loch) on my If you haven't already done so, and decide to go ahead now, you will receive the February story 'A Life With Dogs'  followed by one more original ten minute read on the first of each month this year. You can unsubscribe at any time but of course I hope you won't want to and so far nobody has. You can also receive my January story by e-mailed request ( )

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