Temporary v Immortal creativity

Following my blogged invitation, if you tuned in to Two Lochs Radio (www.2lr.com ) at 17.20 last evening to hear my not so dulcet tones -sorry! The interview was actually broadcast at 18.20. The conversation with Alex Gray was recorded Friday last and to be honest I could not have told you much about what had been said before hearing it myself.

Having listened in I must say I was pleased . The questions and my answers nicely covered the salient points of my short story of the month idea. See www.bryanislipauthor.com if you're interested. The story comes to you on the first of each month free but with the hope that you'll spread the word re subscribing or pass it on if you like. Obviously what I'm trying to do is create a readership for my paper published novels - which are not free of charge!

I'm told that radio is making something of a come-back; not that it's ever been away, mind, just partially submerged beneath all those moving pictures. Not long back I blogged about imagination and my personal belief that, of the three gifts allotted to humankind and human mind - intelliigence, knowledge and imagination, the greatest of these is imagination. How come? Because imagination is the primary requirement, bolstered by native intelligence and aquired knowledge, for any act of human creativity. And it is creativity that takes us nearest to that great eminence which most folk on planet earth call, or think of, as God.

Just as TV requires less exercise of the imagination than does radio, radio requires less than reading: that is, reading books or reading this or reading your newspaper. But whereas your newspaper, and this, is history tomorrow, words on paper if written well and truly enough can be with us forever.

The other evening we attended our Wester-Ross Burns Club Burns Supper. I blogged about Mel MacGregor's great speech 'To The Immortal Memory". The immortal memory of Robert Burns, that is. But of far greater importance to us as readers, and to the healthy exercise of our imaginations is the immortal memory of THE WORKS of Scotland's iconic bard. I believe he would know the difference.

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