The risen tide

You know how Christmas comes at you like the rising tide then ebbs away just as smoothly, just as certainly? You know how it always leaves little bits of itself like jetsam on the high water mark? There's that tree lying all forlorn with its bits of tinsel outside the back door, the pile of cards some of them bearing messages that really do need your response, and what to do with all those food and drink remnants 'too good to throw away' but now steadily becoming unconsumable and unfreezable (the freezer won't take anything else.)

On Christmas Eve we received a beautiful bunch of red carnations. Two problems. Firstly they were frozen unto death and secondly we couldn't decipher the name/s of the sender/s. Dee dealt with the former beautifully. She cut off the dead heads and floated them Japanese style on a wide bowl of water. The latter remains a mystery - an old shoe amongst the seaweed on the high tide line.

The label with the flowers says, and I quote; 'Dee and Bryan. Festive Greeting, hope you both have a lovely Christmas. Love M & J,' Now, we only know three 'M&J's' even allowing for a little verbal misunderstanding between sender and label typer. All three thank us for our thanks but do not, to their credit, claim the credit. So if it's you we should be thanking, a heartfelt thank you! Otherwise this last sign of the festive season will lay undisturbed until the next high Christmastide.

p.s. Here come de snow - again! We had a B&B booking for later this week but our prospective guest has seen the forecast .... Oh well. A quiet weekend. Time to finish writing my February short story.

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