Making nought save money

I've just been reading the Sunday Times - the section devoted to the goings on at Davos this week.For those in the majority who are uninterested in economics, the G20 summit is all about money - yours and mine - or the lack of it, though none of those in attendance can be short. It costs someone (you and I as our government is in multi attendance) around £45,000 a head for these few days of financial talk-fest by bankers, economists, uber-industrialists and politicians.

If what follows makes me sound like some kind of a radical, whoopee!! Perhaps it's time for us all to think about the Big Issue. The big issue is that the world's banking industry has been for years betraying both its customers and its own dearly beloved credo called capitalism; the system by which they exist. Customers I say. What a word is that? Yes, you and me and everybody who deposits the monetary results of their labours in a bank so that the bank can use it as cannot-lose chips in the casinos commonly referred to as hedge funds, derivatives (what a beautiful word) and other incredibly clever devices explicable only to the I-must-always-win gamblers of the City of London and Wall Street, New York.

The betrayal of which I speak was brought to the surface of public recognition when same public was forced to dig deep on the edict of their governments in order to keep the casinos in business. Apologies from the miscreants? Never. Any sign of a mending of the ways? You have to be joking. Do they care about the billions of ordinary (i.e. non-banking) people who are daily losing jobs, peace of mind, even the roofs over their heads? You know the answer, folks.

Another little piece in today's Sunday Times. The joint head of Goldman Sachs UK has just pocketted for himself and family a little matter of nine million pound notes - plus a mind numbing salary - for his year's 'hard work'.You know, it's like these people have discovered the holy grail sought by all criminals since time began: i.e. how to rob the world's treasuries with total impunity. And the governments we put in charge of making laws to stop such pocket picking of the of the public purse - what are these guardians of capitalism doing about it? Not a bloody thing. We are now being told all the time that if this robbery in any way by law inhibited all the greedy one will move from London to somewhere else unspecified.

Will somebody please tell me in properly credible detail why Jesus Christ threw those who neither toil nor spin out of the temple whereas we are afraid to do likewise? Don't tell me we need their taxes. For every million of unearned pounds they take for themselves they are kind enough to pay us back a tiny propostion is anything at all.

Please Mr Pickpocket, you have my wallet with fifty quid so may I please have some bus money to get home?  

Am I simply jealous of those getting away with it? Would I not do the same were I in position? No and no, I would not.

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