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Most often it takes years, sometimes generations, to prove a 'social forecast' right or wrong. Today my own deep concerns of yesterday (about the effects of rising population) come quickly to mind as I read George Kerevan's piece in The Scotsman; 'Putting the bite on food production'.

Mr Kerevan catalogues, as the good journalist that he is should, the effects TODAY of food shortages and rising food prices worldwide.The two of course are linked within our self-selected 'market economy'. But the immediate cause, he says at some length, is 'random bad weather'. Random? Really? Isn't bad (i.e.different) weather said by science to be down to global warming? Isn't global warming said by science to be caused in turn by humanity's massive carbon emissions? Does not the numbers of us have something to do with that? So the civil unrest present and future as reported - it couldn't  be our own fault, could it, Mr Kerevan?

Oh, but there is actually one paragraph alluding to our role in all this. I quote ...

"Tonight there will be 200,000 additional people around the global dining room table, compared with yesterday." (The bold print is mine). He goes on "The current population of the earth is around seven billion souls. It will reach nine billion by 2050." But nowhere does he say that this kind of explosion is potentially likely to represent Armageddon for his children / grandchildren, or even a bad thing. And nowhere does he say what happens after as imminent a point in time as year 2050.

Instead Mr Kerevan wants to fuel the rise in population by means of increased food production. If I have a chimney fire do I throw petrol on it? Again I quote ... "The only way to achieve this (more food) is through better infrastructure, fairer taxes, less official corruption and an end to politically motivated price ceilings that rob the peasant farmer." I say again: Really?

It would be far easier to curtail population by decree (as has China these 40 years past) than to eliminate human greed.

But at least the subject of having less children seems at last to show signs of bubbling to the surface. Have a look at www.optimumpopulation.org/opt.aboutus.html

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