Being washed away by the sea

How grand the sea! How steadily it eats away the land. This is the beach at MellonCharles, (as if you aren't feeling cold enough already) ...

It puts me in mind of my favourite quotation from the days when I used to address various business gatherings to try to inspire greater effort or cement that all important team spirit. From memory now:- 

'No man is an Island complete unto itself. Each is a part of the Maine, a piece of the Continent. If a clod of earth be washed away by the sea is not Europe then the lesse? Or thine house, or the house of thy friend? Because I am involved in Mankind every Man's death diminisheth me, therefore never send to ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.'

Not too bad for a 17th century country parson, poet, womaniser extraordinaire called John Donne. Powerful words evoking powerful emotions. By contrast how pitiful are the effortsof our modern poets, writers (me included) / orators - whether political, royal, military, religous or secular.

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