A Merry Christmas

Twas now Christmas Day in the manger
And the snow was falling fast
Put another twig on the fire, dear, she said
Let's just make this moment last

He fondly grasped her well-chapped hand
'Twas as cold as any old stone
You've never been lovelier than this, he said,
God bless us, every one

What is for our pleasure this day? cried he
What surprise awaits me now?
What tidings of comfort and joy bring thee?
What, a babe? Pray tell me how

She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and replied
I know not from whence he came 
But the Lord has so blessed us, my Joseph dear
And there's no man, no man to blame

The great stable door flew open wide at that
And three crowned heads came in
Yes, We three kings of Orient are, they sang
And gifts for the newborn we bring

There's frankincense rare from me, said one
And my Kingdom shall be His alone
And the second said 'myrrh' for His only son
And this babe for my race shall atone

And the third offered gold for His story's told -
He'll go forth with His flag unfurled
And though nought of worth can be bought or sold
This Jesus shall rule o'er the world


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