The Spirit of Christmas

I've been trying to find and to analyse the spirit, as opposed to the fact of Christmas, thus far without definitive success. However, after 76 years I think I've established to my own satisfaction at least that which the Christmas spirit is not ...
  • It is not to be found in any bottle, glass or cup
  • It comes not through feasting (or the consumption of a bird)
  • It shines not through any TV screen
  • It cannot be purchased in shops with money
  • It does not depend on winter or snowfall or even calendar date
  • It is not truly expressed in popular song
  • It appears not printed on folded card
  • It is not dependent on rank, gender, age, race or title
... although all such things tell us that it is still alive and that it is right here, right now.

So what do we know of it? We know that Christmas is literally a celebration of the descent onto this, our insignificant planet earth, of that 'He' who, some suppose, picked out and plucked us - alone of all 'His' supposed creations - from a perfect Garden of Eden. But even we/those of the the western world majority who have cast aside religion know there really is such a thing as the spirit of Christmas.

The closest I have come to any kind of personal understanding came when I realised that there actually is an innate goodness within this species of ours. Buried as it might be beneath a mudslide of  consumerism, greed, worship of false (celebrity) idols  etc, etc, it is still there. You can see it in the innocent eyes of small children as much as in the faces of those soldiers of World War One who ceased shooting each other, climbed from their opposing trenches, met in the middle to shake hands and exchange small gifts on Christmas Day, 1915. You can see it everywhere if you really want to. And/or feel it.

And this ephemeral, beautiful, elusive Spirit of Christmases Past, Christmas Present and Christmases Future are one and the same. (Sorry Mr Dickens / Eberneezer.)

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