Living and learning

There is a strong connection between living and learning. That's my view anyway. The day you put up the mental shutters, cease to be interested in learning anything new, you may continue actually to breathe for years and years but - living? Not in any but the literal sense of the word.

I'm not talking here of 'learning' in terms of the acquisition of information - i.e. what's happening / has happened, where, in whose opinion, etc. I'm referring to the learning of something new that one can actually do, that one actually does. Whether it's learning how to grow tomatoes or fish for marlin or collect Chinese porcelain or operate a bed and breakfast it's the vital spark that both justifies and satisfies your each and every passing day.

Right now I'm doing my best, (with more than a little help from my friend in Achnasheen), to learn how to promote my literary efforts on the web. This means I should really learn how to use this wonderfully complex thing not just as a mechanism to read the weather or the news or write up my blog, etc, but also as an end in itself. It's the difference between being a passenger in a car and driving a car, between driving a car and understanding how a car works. Taken to extremes, understanding why a car should or should not have two wheels and a gyroscope as opposed to the four wheels it now does have.

I've just bought (yes, from on-line Amazon!) Jon Reed's book 'Get Up To Speed With On-Line Marketing': header of the Introduction is ' Traditional marketing doesn't work: get over it!'  Condemning to death a multi multi million dollar world-wide industry that is a bold claim indeed. Apparently social marketing one to one is now the thing. Tweet, Facebook, etc etc - me to you and you to me. We shall learn. We shall see...

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