Creating many stories

Soon it will be ready: an author website devoted entirely to my literary efforts. Of course it encapsulates all my fiction - the novels More Deaths Than One and Going with Gabriel and the anthology of short stories, Twenty Bites, but it will also offer a new and possibly unique element about which I am both challenged and excited.

The idea was first floated in my blog, Creating a story, 10th December. In that blog I showed how, to kick off a new fiction, whether a novel or a short short story I begin by (a) establishing a character with a problem and (b) his or her physical / geographical situation. Over subsequent blogging days I put this into practice by beginning, developing and completing a story, then showing how it could have been extended and modified into a full length novel. Now to practice what I preach: the new website (details to follow next week) will offer a brand new short story on the 1st of every month. As the site says; the story will make you smile or even laugh, or make you cry, or want to, or will make you think new thoughts or just make you feel better. Or all of the above...

I just hope I can keep up with this firm commitment! I have always responded best to deadline pressures. We shall see ...

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