Boxing Day

So this was Christmas! There is an inevitable sadness about Boxing Day. Apart from the physical, that is. Don't know from where the 26th December acquired its title but an awful lot of us will be feeling today as if we had gone a few rounds with Cassius Clay / Mohamed Ali. However the pain does diminish as the years progress and one learns not to challenge oneself quite so much with the over-eating, the over-drinking, the other shenanigins and the general making of merrie.

We had a very good Christmas. Just Dee and me and a tiny little 'mini-Yorkie' type dog called Lottie. Lottie had been brought north for the holidays by the parents of a local friend. Unfortunately same local friend has a troupe of very large canines, one of whom showed every inclination to treat poor Lottie as either a toy or a meal! We were glad to afford her refuge and  I hope we please her as much as she pleases us. She has taken away some of the pain of Dee's trapped sciatic nerve (which I would have blamed on Elna's Burns Club Hieland Dancing regimen the other day were it not for the fact that Dee was photoing the action rather than participating in it.)

Owing to a cock up at the butcher's (no pun intended) we seem to have a plethora of  stripped down birds around the place. (no, not those; I mean the now featherless sort.) Apart from a great fat duck, only a quarter consumed during our yuletide dinner, we possess two fresh guinea fowl and a plump pheasant. As declared the lady in Gone With The Wind (how appropriate was that?) 'I'll never go hungry again'!

But with a roaring coal and yulelog fire in our sizeable grate and the opening of parcels and all Dee's tree and other decorations and a few glasses of this and that and phone calls to and from friends and family, (sorry we couldn't reach you, L,  but left a message) Christmas was, well, Christmas. The high ceilinged rooms in this old stone manse house lent an almost Dickensian flavour to the day. Oh, and not to forget Winchester Cathedral's marvellous carol service.

We awoke to news of Australia's humbling by England's cricketers, so all is well with the world. All I need now is Man Utd 5 Sunderland 0 this afternoon.

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