100 not out?

  • Who really wants to live beyond their useful, healthy life?
  • Define 'useful'. Define 'healthy'
  • I don't have to; you know what useful is. And its opposite. Ditto healthy
Today the government has announced (a) that one in five of the UK population, in the near future, will live for at least a hundred years and that (b) the UK's working population will not remotely be able to afford it / them.
Of course the government does not venture its opinion on the probable quality (or misery) of all these extended, probably unhealthy, definitely impecunious lives. And having stated the problem of course the government has proposed no possible solution beyond changing upwards the UK pensionable age and encouraging business to create more jobs for the old folk. 

Laughable! The old folks don't want jobs they want money and security. In any case if jobs were all that 'goverment creatable' how come we have a million healthy but unemployed post-school youngsters and another half a million uselessly wasting their time and the nation's money avoiding unemployment in the universities?

I am a member of the Optimum Population Trust. I came across OPT on-line whilst researching my novel Going with Gabriel. People of renown, far more intellectual and knowledgeable than I, use the OPT to state their concern over populations and population growth, UK and world. For instance one claim is that the UK's population, standing at 60 millions and rising, is not really sustainable; that 17 millions is the optimum for these islands. For instance another claim is that, should all developing nations' populations aspire to our western levels of material consumption - as well they might and why not - 3.5 planet earths are required, not just the one we have. However it seems the worthy membership of the OPT are better at stating the problems than coming up with answers beyond a little anodyne handing out of contaceptives in remote parts of Africa or something.

Perhaps there really are no answers other than to await the fall of Mother Nature's mighty axe via pestilence or via wars or perhaps both at the same time.

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