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Recently I've had an exchange of e-mails about the proposals for yet more wind turbines at Lochluichart on the heights of the Scottish Highlands. The level of local objection is truly off the scale, and understandably so. Now, the whole massive issue of future power supplies is not for this blog - except perhaps for one personal suggestion.

It seems to me that the whole world is full of objections to this or that scheme designed to satisfy an increasing demand for power per head - per head of a population that continues to rise and rise. Keep in mind that every one of us is against some energy source plan X or Y or Z, but very seldom do we as objectors see past the problems to a solution!

I was a child through world war two and through those post war years when government-initiated food and clothes rationing was both Law and Norm. So far as I recollect everone understood the reasons. It was vital for survival that our nation should cut back on non-military consumption of scarce resources. It seemed to me, and still does looking back, that the rationing of our available food and clothing created no special hardship. Everyone learned to live with their books of coupons - and with no more than the customary grumbling.

If available power supply is so much of an issue, why not ration energy from now on? You could use your personal ration in any way you like: petrol, air flights, domestic. Local government could have their own 'ration books'. Ditto manufacturing industry. Ditto service industry including sports. The more people needing power and the less (environmentally acceptable) power supplies, the lower the ration for each and all. How much simpler to administer today with all our IT and computer force than in days of yore?

Answers on a postcard or per comment here?

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  1. Bryan, as usual you make complete and utter sense. I think we should all support what you are saying - yes, let's decide how we use what we currently take for granted. It would be so simple, as you say, to administer on the 'net - however, I'm sure someone somewhere would find a 'technical' reason why not.

    On the subject of the current (local) windfarm debacle, it's in respect of adjacent land to the already sanctioned (2007) Lochluichart development. If the application for Corriemoillie goes ahead, together with the revealed scoping for extending Lochluichart, then this will be one massive windfarm. In fact it will be the third largest windfarm in Scotland. In an area where rare breeds like Wood Sandpipers, Golden Eagles, Red Kites, and Ospreys flourish. Not to mention the other flora and fauna. There are many other good reasons for this appplication, and further proposals, not to happen, in this area of outstanding beauty. If anyone is interested do visit www.stopcorriemoillienow.co.uk for full details.


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