It's the product not the person.

For Sir Walter Scott read R L Stevenson (re my last). Thanks for the correction M. Typo or senile decay? I know not.

However the correction caused me to think about this so-beloved 'celebrity thing' now such a part of our culture. When we buy a book or go to a cinema or view a painting why should the name of its creator hold so much fascination for us, when we have paid out our pennies to enjoy the product itself, as opposed to its creator / star actor whatever? Would the Mon Lisa be any less powerful a piece of oil paint on canvas if it were signed Joe Soap as opposed to Picasso - oops! I mean Michelangelo - oops! I mean Leonardo Da Vinci? Why do we all know who really created it, when it's a million to one neither you or I know who designed the Ford Mondeo or Westminster bridge, or painted The Last of the Gloaming - Fort William or in any way cares?

Would Strictly Come Dancing be any worse if the names and circumstances of the participants were X, Y or Z instead of - you know who because they're always in the tabloids? Why are they always in the tabloids, for that matter? Why are we all encouraged to celebrate the existence of people who seem to do actually so very very little to warrant it? Thirteen million of us feel compelled to spend a couple of hours a week watching a second rate soap actor, a lightweight comedienne who graced our screens a generation back,  a redundant politician, an admittedly athletic TV presenter, a retired rugby union pro now ex-househusband, a bigtime party-girl and a psychologist who once waved her rather wonderful figure at David Frost. Personally I would find it more interesting to watch on a Saturday night an Ullapool coalman, a night club hostess, a lady who runs the whelk stall on Scarborough seafront, the chairman of the Board of General Motors (UK) etc etc.

By the by, no-one knows who the devil was that writer of Hamlet, Othello, etc - you know, the creator of the third most well known, well-viewed, well-heard portfolio of written works in human history. They call him Shakespeare but so little is known about this product of an age before Celebrity happened. The first and second most? The Bible and the Koran of course. We know next to nothing about the creators of them, either! Point is, it's the content, not the creator, right?

Anyway that is what my Gabriel believed.

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