High on a wintry hill

Shenavall, near Dundonnell

The Bothy

High on the Fain*, they call it Shenavall
a strong built refuge keeping folk from harm
and they who came though distant now, recall
that lonely bothy, shelter from life's storm

Those thinking still of lovely Wester-Ross
may dream of this, their Highland wilderness,
remembering challenges of summers past
the taste of failure, feel of sweet success.
And striding out the long and stony ways
perhaps in dreams may think to know again
the muddy glory of those summer days,
come back to face the wind, the sun, the rain.

As winter comes in snow upon the hill
and weakly sun shines there's an eagle's call
that echoes rock to rock when all is still,
who knows, to those who came by Shenavall.

*'Fain' (literal) is the gaelic for 'barren place'.

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