The Campbells are coming

Meeting of the Wester-Ross Burns Club Tuesday evening. Got off to a shocking start. We all turned up at the Poolewe Hotel on time only to find the place in a state of disrepair. Apparently some kind soul had sneaked in mid-evening, made his (must have been a him not a her) way upstairs and wrenched out some water pipes. Result: a great deluge through the downstairs ceiling and untold damage generally. Poor Sandie was of course devastated and has had to take a sabbatical 'down south' whilst necessary action by police and plumbers etc take effect. Such events are extremely rare. That is partly why many of us are up here.

Anyway they did find us a nice dry space so our meeting went ahead even if with a little less exubrance than usual. All set up now for the Supper on 21st January (are you listening, M&S?) and before that the get together at Elena's place. Any excuse for a jolly / ceilidh. Rabbie would have thoroughly approved. For some reason it emerged that Elena is actually a Campbell. I'm reading Sir Walter Scott's famous 'Kidnapped' at the moment. (What a great novel!) I felt it necessary to point out that  Kidnapped's Alan Breck had some extremely negative views of the Campbells. Not all that surprising, coming from a Jacobite Highlander, even one who had deserted the Prince's army. Elena indicated it was just jealousy as the Campbells were the most powerful clan in Scotland.

That in turn reminded me of my old boss, an American on UK detachment called Joe Campbell. Joe and his lady wife took a holiday and of course travelled up to Glencoe. At the visitor centre there they fell into conversation with another American couple, whose name turned out to be Macdonald ...

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  1. Hi Bryan

    21st January duly noted and eagerly anticipated. Hope the weather allows us this time to make the Great Trek North. Talking of Campbells,do you know that up to a few years ago, nailed on the door of the Glencoe Inn, a notice saying 'No Hawkers, Tinkers, or Campbells welcome here'? No doubt in these days of Political Correctness, someone will have made them remove it

    Your M & S


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