Old Man's New Stories in Prose and Verse

It says on the cover; 'yes TWENTY stories: and BITES because they do'. At 76 years of age, guess I can call myself 'old'. My third published fiction, Twenty Bites, follows the full length novels More Deaths Than One and Going with Gabriel. These new stories are the product of many years of writing and many more years of experience. As it also says on the cover: 'Life is hardly ever just a bowl of cherries, is it?'

Twenty Bites is power-packed throughout with widely differing tales of life, love, adventure and misadventure. Eighteen of the stories are written in high quality, high impact prose and the other two in narrative verse.

Good short fiction, written hard and sparingly through the mind and the actions of a single viewpoint character is exactly in tune with our digital age and with today's episodic, fast moving way of life. Short fiction in prose demands a disciplined distillation of thoughts and actions into a concentration of words that will resonate within a reader's consciousness, indeed within his or her own life. And narrative verse in the tradition of the Celtic bards is the ultimate, the most satisfying 'reduction' from that. Verse is, at least in my opinion, the most difficult, most powerful and potentially most reader satisfying of all the ways in which a story may be told.

Twenty Bites's publication date is 11th November 2010. ISBN 978-0-9555193-3-8
It is a 232 page 5"x 8" (12.7 x 20.2 cm) paperback, soon RRP £7.99 through Amazon et al. But you can get it from me for £7.00 post paid.

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