Nightfall from Kirkhill

This is my latest pastel painting. Titled 'Nightfall from Kirkhill' it is the view from our front of house porch looking west northwest up Loch Ewe over the Pier Road promontory.

Some will find it difficult to accept such sunset coloration but not those who live here. All kinds of the most vivid effects happen, especially as the longer nights set in at this time of the year. This sky is an exercise in pure abstraction; a veritable maelstrom of cloud. Blues into pinks, orange, yellows and brilliant white. Marvellous.

The red deer hind looking from our garden over the loch is also a reality. She and her baby and her friends sometimes come down off the hill and leap the wire fence on to our back lawn then wander over to munch away on the hostas. We don't mind. When the really hard weather arrives so will her mate, a hugely antlered stag. But he only deigns to visit us in the middle of the night.

Talking of the middle of the night, we missed a rare treat last week. Cold snaps with clear autumnal skies equals a strong possibility of the famous Northern Lights. Unfortunately we were fast asleep by the time some locals spotted them and went outside to stand in awe as sheets and tongues and explosions of incredible colour rolled and unrolled across the firmament.


  1. Wow!
    Lovely work, Bryan.
    It looks much more vivid than when I saw the 'skeleton' of it a couple of weeks back!

    you're right about the coloration, though - we've had some evenings where the surrounding hills have shown as a symphony of copper, black and antique gold. Those unused to the North's gifts to us, won't understand ;)

    Would you like to borrow a couple of our stags for your next painting? Once the rut's died its last, I'm sure they'd oblige - AND they're more conducive to appearing in the evening.

    Bummer on missing the Northern Lights: oddly, Mrs Dalek's 'warning' mails - from some University or other - failed to alert her to the likelihood...

    Brightest blessings and Happy Samhain to you both!

  2. wonderfrul work my friend ,peace and light from the tin can


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