All the Welcome Breaks.

If my blogs have been a little thin on the ground these past few months I'll blame our Bed and Breakfast micro business. Yes, our new venture has kept us very busy(I say our but really it's Dee's, with me as general helper, as and when,) but it has also been a whole lot of fun. Most of our guests have come in off the road and most of them have been continentals and most of them, Germans. We've made a lot of new friends. Nobody is allowed out without leaving at least a trace autobigraphy (swap) behind them.

My personal favourite guest story began one late summer afternoon, when out of the horizontal rain and wind arrived a young couple on push bikes. They'd braved the steep, steep hills and the abominable weather all the way from Ullapool - about an hour by car, goodness only knows how long by pedal power. In answer to our question, 'We are from Lucerne,' they said. 'You flew to the UK with your bikes?' I asked. 'Oh, no.' came the reply. 'We cycled across the Alps and up France and the Low Countries and then took the Calais / Dover ferry boat, then north up England via Cornwall and north up Scotland.'

The following day they went on their way in similarly horrible weather. It was a Sunday. We always visit Poolewe, about six miles away, on a Sunday morning to buy our newspaper and enjoy a scone and coffee at Mike and Connie's Bridge Cafe. As we sat there we saw the two of them, whippet thin and heads down into the wind, resolutely pushing pedals on their return journey south. Wonderful.

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