Fame at one remove

A funny thing happened to us as we ate our breakfast this morning. To catch up with the news we had the TV tuned into the BBC's Breakfast Show. After the news the presenters went straight into a pretty lightweight piece about queueing. Yes, that's right, standing in line: how we all suffer it in silence or hate and avoid it, or - unbelievably enough in the case of one lady, (one has to assume a very lonely lady) - actually liked to queue. The presenters were interviewing a retail 'expert' and a psychologist, both of them attractive ladies of indeterminate age. I was in the middle of ridiculing the whole thing, especially when the lady psychologist went into cognitive syndrome territory, when Dee shouted out, 'HEY, THAT'S KAIREN!'

Kairen is our daughter, mother of four of our grandchildren. All at once the TV interview assumed a mantle of world importance. Ain't fame wonderful? (And isn't our lovely psychologist daughter ditto?)

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