Seeing is asking

Yesterday Dee had her eyesight refurbished!

Yes, an 80 miles drive across the Highlands to Raigmore Hospital followed by a 20 minute operation to remove a left eye cataract / install a new left eye lens, then Tesco and home again. This morning there's a little residual irritation and some experimentation with her old varifocal spectacles (better on or off, pro tem?) but the chances are that after fifteen years of wearing glasses she will only need them in future for reading, if at all.

So I'm wodering why all the rest of us who need them cannot exchange our glasses for these new artificial lenses? Much less expensive over the long term and far preferable to having metal framed things clamped to the front of one's face morning 'til bedtime for the rest on one's life?

And that's taking no account of the 'men (ladies) don't make passes at girls (boys) who wear glasses' syndrome.

p.s. Having said goodbye yesterday to our German B&B guests, before taking off for the hospital, Dee is upstairs and downstairs cleaning and generally preparing for her next residents. The weather is bad enough for Aultbea Fun Day to move off the sports field and into the village hall. We had a Pictures and Poems stall planned but what with one thing and another I called it off. Instead of this I'm going to start on a painting for the front cover of my upcoming collection of short stories provisionally entitles 'Twenty Bites'

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