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Tuesday night was reading/signing night. Reading extracts from my novel Going with Gabriel, that is. Signing purc hased copies of ditto. Venue: Hillbillie's Bookshop / The Mountain Coffee Company in Gairloch's Strath Square. This was my first reading and therefore I was a litle apprehensive in advance, but three things helped the session go with a good strong swing. (1) Dee and I sent out fifty or so personalised invitations and the place could hardly have contained any more folk than those who turned up, (2) I had Roger McLachlan alongside me. Roger is a local 'Gabriel lookalike', and one who plays tin whistle, as does 'my' Gabriel. Roger opened proceedings with a great rendition of the wonderful Irish traditional air The Roisin Dubh and interspersed my narrated extracts with more of similar. And (3) Gairloch Radio's Campbell Elder, who had interviewed me that morning, very kindly provided me with amplifier and microphone. Brilliant. Thanks Campbell and thanks Roger and thanks Andrew the bookshop owner and thanks from Dee and I to all others who helped and who came along. Oh, and there was a fourth help - at the last minute we decided to offer our guests glasses of wine. The lovely vine, how great thou art!

Of course the theme of GwG is a strong one, and can very easily upset individuals. But I make no apologies for bringing the human over-population issue to the fore, albeit clothed in fiction and a good story. I've never believed there's anything to gain by head in sand burying. Our species has often in the past had to solve problems of its own making. It's just that this is the biggest one yet. Have a look at The Optimum Population Trust web-site.

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